Colorado man seriously injured after assault with brass knuckles?

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Assault is often the result of an argument. Individuals who are unable to control their tempers and resort to assaulting another person may find that the consequences could affect the rest of their lives. Aggravation that develops into assault could soon result in inflicting serious bodily harm and permanent scarring. Of course, it is important to remember not every allegation of assault is based in fact.

On Feb. 18, Colorado police received a report of an alleged physical disturbance. Upon arrival, they found a seriously injured male, who was then transported to a local hospital. Police reported that the injured man was involved in a verbal argument with another man who then purportedly attacked the victim using brass knuckles. This attack left the victim with a severely injured face.

An investigation into the incident followed, and probable cause was evidently established to arrest the alleged attacker. The arrest took place on March 4, and the accused is now facing first-degree assault and conspiracy to assault charges. These charges may be escalated if it is found that the victim suffered serious bodily harm, and the wounds to his face may result in permanent scarring.

It is important to be aware that being accused and charged with assault in Colorado does not automatically mean one is guilty. Only when the prosecution can prove guilt beyond any reasonable doubt may the judge or jury render a guilty verdict. The accused in this case may want to research his legal options without delay. Such knowledge may guide him in making decisions concerning a potential criminal defense. One of the available options is the process of plea bargaining that could result in the best possible outcome for a defendant in some situations.

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