Colorado man charged with drug possession faces sentencing

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Being accused of involvement in illegal activity can be a difficult situation to find oneself in. As a result of such accusations, an individual could face significant legal issues that will need to be addressed in the manner they feel is best suited for their circumstances. Being charged with drug possession could lead to serious consequences if the suspected individual is convicted.

A Colorado man was recently sentenced after he was found guilty of several charges relating to drugs and other illegal activity. The situation reportedly began when the man allegedly ran from authorities after a traffic stop. Authorities purportedly found the man hiding, and he was taken into custody. It was reported that law enforcement found drug paraphernalia, a handgun and other items apparently in the man’s possession.

The man’s recent sentencing resulted in his facing 20 years in jail and five years of parole. The man made a “stipulation agreement,” and as part of that agreement, he is not able to appeal the sentencing that was delivered to him. The 20 year sentence was for a charge of possession with intent to distribute, and sentences for three other charges are to be served concurrently.

As this situation shows, being charged with drug possession is a very serious matter. Because of the terms that the man agreed to, he will not be able to appeal his sentencing. However, that may not be the circumstances for other similar situations. If a party finds himself facing similar conditions, he may wish to explore Colorado criminal laws relating to his situation to determine what course of action may be best suited for his case.

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