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Plea bargains entered for charges in theft cases in Colorado

Posted on April 11, 2014

When facing legal repercussions, determining the best route to follow for the individual circumstances can make a considerable difference in the ruling of a case. As such, some individuals may find it more suited to their situation to opt for a plea bargain if they have been faced with felony charges for theft or other alleged activities. Taking this route could lead to a lesser sentence or other outcomes that could seem more acceptable to the accused party.

Two men in Colorado recently pleaded guilty in separate cases for similar crimes as part of their plea bargains. Both situations reportedly involved vehicle theft. One of the parties was a 39-year-old male who was charged with stealing a vehicle and driving under the influence. The party involved in the second case was a 22-year-old male also accused of vehicle theft as well as criminal mischief.

Both men entered guilty pleas for the misdemeanor charges they faced. As a result of these pleas, it is believed that both parties will have the judgment for their felony vehicle theft charges deferred for two years. Sentencing for the two cases has reportedly been set for mid-May.

As these two situations show, a plea bargain could potentially benefit a person’s situation if they are facing serious charges for vehicle theft or other alleged criminal activity. However, it is true that plea bargains may not suit all situations. Therefore, individuals may wish to learn more about Colorado state laws and criminal proceedings that are relevant to their particular circumstances to better assess their situations.

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