Colorado man could face new trial for alleged murder

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When an individual is charged with a serious crime, it is their right to have a fair trial. This trial should abide by strict legal standards, and individuals should not face any bias. If a party is convicted of a serious crime such as murder and some sort of bias is found to have taken place during the trail, that individual could face a retrial and potentially be absolved of a previous conviction.

A man in Colorado could be facing such a situation after it was found that one of the jurors at his trial may have lied about her past. The man was previously sentenced for the murder of his wife, but it was recently found that one of the jurors lied about being a victim of domestic violence. The juror allegedly hid this fact in order to participate in the trial.

As a result of this new found information, a new trial is being ordered. The prosecution in relation to this case could potentially appeal the order for a new trial, but at the time of the report, it was not certain whether that action would be taken. If the order is not appealed, the man who was previously convicted could potentially be released until the new trial. Further, he would again be presumed innocent before the court unless and until prosecutors can prove him guilty.

Being wrongly convicted of murder is an experience that no individual should suffer through. Thus, it is important for the man to receive another trial to ensure that his case is heard fairly and that the ruling is justified. Though he has already faced this situation, the man may wish to once again go over his legal options and determine whether there are any changes he may like to make to his defense should this new trial move forward in Colorado.

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