Colorado men may hope to build criminal defense

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When individuals plead not guilty to a crime they have been accused of, they may wish to ensure that they are preparing a meaningful defense. When creating a criminal defense, parties may wish to examine any evidence that the prosecution may have against them, and they may also want to present any relevant evidence that could be beneficial to their case. Being prepared for presenting such a defense could make a considerable difference in a case.

Two individuals in Colorado may be looking to bolster their defensive efforts after entering pleas of not guilty in relation to an attempted murder case. The situation reportedly began in December of last year when a woman was allegedly at a party with the two accused men. An argument purportedly erupted between all three parties, and the woman was reportedly forced into her vehicle.

The woman was allegedly sexually assaulted and shot in the head, though the wound was not fatal. The woman’s car was reportedly also set on fire. The charges stemming from the alleged event include attempted murder, arson, sexual assault and others. Both men pleaded not guilty to these allegations.

One man is set to have a jury trial at the end of this year, and the other man is set to have a trial at the beginning of next year. During that time, the parties will likely work to create a meaningful criminal defense in favor of their side of the situation. In order to do so, they may wish to explore Colorado criminal proceedings relating to their circumstances that could provide them with informational resources.

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