Officer arrested for alleged domestic violence in Colorado

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Though law enforcement officers are in place to uphold the law, they can at times find themselves facing difficult legal situations of their own. If an officer is faced with domestic violence charges, that individual should still have the ability to defend against such allegations. Though they may already have a working knowledge of the legal proceedings for such a situation, additional information on their options could be helpful.

An officer in Colorado may be considering how to handle her case after she was recently taken into custody for alleged domestic violence. Details on the situation were few as the authorities did not disclose any information other than the fact that the officer was indeed arrested. Witnesses to the purported event stated that the officer may have thrown a cell phone at her fiance.

The source also allegedly stated that the fiance did not suffer any injuries in the event. It was not reported how authorities became alerted to the situation or whether any other reportedly violent actions took place. Other statements taken purportedly expressed how helpful and nice the accused officer is around the neighborhood.

Reports stated that the officer was set to go before a judge in the near future. She may wish to prepare accordingly depending on how she wishes to handle the allegations of domestic violence. By gathering information and evidence that is pertinent to her case, she may be able to prepare a meaningful defense if that is the course she wishes to take. Further information on the proceedings for this specific type of situation in Colorado may be beneficial.

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