Man driving a lawnmower charged with DUI in Colorado

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Though many individuals may feel that they have heard everything there is to hear about parties being arrested for DUI, they may also wish to understand that people can be charged for driving under the influence even if they are driving nontraditional vehicles. If authorities believe that anyone utilizing the roadways has been consuming alcohol, that person could potentially be stopped for questioning. If a person is charged for DUI, he or she may wish to explore options for his or her situation.

A man in Colorado may be looking into legal avenues that could be available to him after he was taken into custody for allegedly drinking and driving. The situation is a little unconventional, as the man was reportedly on a lawnmower at the time of his arrest. Witnesses apparently called police after they saw a person driving a lawnmower the wrong direction on a roadway.

Authorities reportedly approached the man, and he allegedly had trouble standing on his own. It was not clear whether the responding officers conducted any sobriety or blood-alcohol content tests, but the man was taken into custody for DUI. The man purportedly made a statement while in jail that he was using the lawnmower to trim weeds along the roadway, not to go to bars.

As this situation shows, not all incidents of alleged DUI fit the typical circumstances. However, it appears as if the man may wish to maintain his innocence in regard to the reported event. Therefore, he may want to gain more knowledge about his situation and DUI proceedings in Colorado, in order to better determine what defensive strategies may work best for his case.

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