Colorado pair arrested after shots fired

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Police took two individuals into custody on Sept. 6 after shots were allegedly fired. No injuries were reported from the incident or initial altercation. According to reports, police performing a DUI stop nearby responded to the scene after hearing multiple gunshots. The officers were said to have recovered bullet casings from the scene of the initial disturbance at approximately 3:30 a.m. on St. Elmo Court’s 1800 block.

Two individuals were said to be in dispute when one driver allegedly fired from his vehicle’s window. Eye-witness accounts helped police officers identify the black van supposedly involved. Officials later located the vehicle on South Circle Drive’s 2800 block and performed a traffic stop. They were reportedly able to detain the 24-year-old male driver without incident. However, the 20-year-old female passenger allegedly fled the scene on foot; officers chased her down and used a Taser to place her under custody.

The bullet casings collected at the scene allegedly matched the firearm and other casings recovered from inside of the black van. The male suspect was charged with driving under the influence as well as misdemeanor and felony weapons charges. The female suspect was charged with misdemeanor offenses. She suffered minor injuries during her arrest.

People facing serious charges often benefit from consulting with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Legal counsel might be able to construct a viable defense after reviewing the police report and hearing the defendant’s recollection of the events. Many lawyers begin by looking for any discrepancies, errors or misconduct that could warrant an outright dismissal from the judge. Legal counsel may also be effective in obtaining reduced charges by creating the plausibility of reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s assertions.

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