5 Colorado men detained on drug charges

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An ongoing investigation resulting in five search warrants led to the detainment of five Colorado men on Sept. 26. The search and seizure following the investigation into methamphetamine distribution throughout Larimer County was headed by the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force. This multi-jurisdictional task force consists of law enforcement personnel from Fort Collins Police Services, Colorado Adult Parole and Loveland’s police department. SWAT teams from Weld County, Jefferson County and Fort Collins Police Services also served the warrants.

Fort Collins’ Criminal Impact Unit, Department of Correction-Parole division and Neighborhood Enforcement team, as well as the West Metro Drug Task Force and Loveland Police Department detectives contributed in serving the warrants. According to local reports, police recovered one firearm, prescription pills, alleged cocaine, over $8,800 in cash and 12 pounds of a substance believed to be meth during the ongoing investigation.

The five men taken into custody after the search and seizure operation now face several criminal charges. Law enforcement declined to release details concerning the specific charges or the addresses of where the search warrants were executed. The five men in custody are ages 46, 47, 50, 53 and 54. Each of the accused may benefit from consulting with criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible.

People accused of serious drug offenses typically depend on legal representation for obtaining an acquittal, lesser charges or reduced sentencing. Criminal defense lawyers might accomplish this by employing different strategies in an effort to dismantle the prosecution’s case. Common strategies often include focusing on emphasizing the plausibility of reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case or exposing misconduct, a rights’ violation or critical breaches in protocol. Otherwise, lawyers may focus efforts on negotiating an agreeable plea deal for the defendant.

Source: The Denver Post, “5 arrested in Northern Colorado meth bust”, October 04, 2014


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