Prescription fraud in Colorado

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Many people in Colorado become addicted to their prescription drugs over time. When the addiction becomes overwhelming and people feel the need to take more medication than prescribed by their physician, they often run out of their prescription amounts much earlier than they would have if they had taken them as prescribed.

Desperation to obtain more of the prescription drugs leads some people to forge prescriptions in an attempt to obtain medications that they otherwise could not. Sometimes people do this by taking a prescription pad from their doctor’s office or calling the pharmacy while claiming to be a representative of the doctor to call in a prescription. Doing either can end up exposing the person to a serious felony charge.

People who try to obtain a prescription through fraud or deceit can be criminally charged with a 4th degree felony in the state. In Colorado, a felony of that level can carry a potential prison sentence of between two to six years.

There are many circumstances which might drive a person to try to obtain a prescription illegally. Sometimes, however, a person may be accused of doing so when they have committed no offense. For others, defenses may also be available. All people who are charged with committing crimes have the right to defend against them and a right to be represented by a criminal defense attorney. When people are accused of drug charges in Colorado, they may benefit by seeking the advice of a criminal defense attorney as soon after they have been charged as possible. An attorney may be able to devise a solid defense strategy upon a careful review and evaluation of a case.

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