Man accused of making pipe bombs in apartment

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A 33-year-old Colorado man is facing felony charges after police claimed he was making pipe bombs in his apartment on Dec. 17. While the alleged bomb-making materials were being cleared from the Colorado Springs apartment, the accused man’s neighbors had to evacuate for more than six hours. Materials that were inside of two of the alleged pipe bombs were seized as evidence.

The man appeared in court via video camera on Dec. 18, and a judge set his bond at $3,000. According to reports, the man has a criminal record. He has previously been charged for assault, and he also has numerous driving offenses on his record.

The incident that led to the accused man receiving his first felony charges began when explosive noises were heard coming from his apartment. Police went to speak with the man, and the pipe bombs were found. According to the man’s arrest affidavit, he reportedly admitted to police officers that he was building the bombs. He said that the bombs were meant to protect his home, and he told officers that he could not have guns due to his mental problems.

A person who is facing serious charges for manufacturing bombs might want to speak with a criminal defense attorney. An attorney might be able to help the individual to negotiate for lesser charges through a plea deal. If there was a problem with the investigation, an attorney might also be able to have some of the evidence suppressed, which could result in charges being dropped.

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