Colorado man suspected of multiple car thefts taken into custody

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Officers with the Loveland Police Department announced that they detained a suspect on Dec. 31 who they believe may be involved in a string of car thefts. Reportedly, the vehicle thefts occurred in Weld, Boulder and Larimer Counties.

The man was located and taken into custody after the Colorado Highway Patrol responded to a three-vehicle accident in the southbound lanes of Interstate 25 on Dec. 31. Upon their arrival, troopers indicated that the driver of a BMW fled the scene and was subsequently detained. The BMW in question was reportedly stolen from CO’s BMW Center in Loveland. This discovery led investigators to connect the suspect to additional area car thefts.

The suspect is a 38-year-old male Loveland resident. He was charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft. Sources indicate that all of the vehicles that were reported stolen were left unattended and running just prior to their thefts. Officers warn the public not to leave cars running and unattended to warm up, in order to deter would-be thieves. Police also say that it is against the law to leave an unattended vehicle running in Colorado.

The strength of the evidence against a person charged with a crime will vary from case to case, and the appropriate and available defenses will also vary depending on the facts of a case. Individuals who are accused of alleged criminal activity have a right to defend themselves against the allegations. As felony offenses may lead to incarceration in prison if the person is convicted, many people seek the help of a criminal defense attorney in order to face the charges. A defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal or a period of probation in lieu of incarceration.

Source: CBS Denver, “Loveland Police arrest suspect in series of car thefts“, December 31, 2014


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