Mayoral candidate arrested again

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A 48-year-old Colorado Springs woman who is running for mayor was detained on Jan. 12. The woman, who was previously arrested and charged with pointing a rifle at a man, was taken into custody this time for assault and violating a protection order.

According to reports, officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call at a home on Glen Eyrie Circle. Upon arrival, police found the woman at the home, one she shares with her common-law spouse. She is restrained from being at the home or around her husband, as he reportedly has a protection order preventing her from doing so.

Police arrested the woman for allegedly disregarding the restraining order and using an object to assault her husband. She was taken into custody at the El Paso County Jail. It is unclear whether bond has been set or if she still remains in jail.

Domestic violence charges are often filed against both women and men. They can result in serious consequences in the event a person is convicted. Felony assault, or assault with a weapon, can result in prison time in addition to treatment and other sentencing possibilities. In the event a person is accused of committing a new crime while they are on bond for another, more charges for violating their bond conditions may also be filed. It is often important for people facing charges to seek a criminal defense attorney’s help to defend against the allegations. A defense attorney may be able to identify possible defenses against the criminal allegations.

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