Criminal defense against felony drug crime allegations

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If you or your loved one has been arrested on drug charges — regardless what kind of drug was involved — you probably have a lot of questions. Most people want to know, for example, whether or not they could be convicted for the alleged crime and what kinds of punishments they will face in the event of a conviction.

Most Colorado criminal lawyers will be able to give clients a general answer with regard to the possibility of conviction and potential punishments in their cases. They will be able to provide advice about how they should proceed — whether they should negotiate a plea bargain or try to plead not guilty, for example. Furthermore, most criminal attorneys will be able to provide defendants with excellent legal services to suit their situation and crimes.

However, not all attorneys will be able to provide the kind of trusting relationship that a criminal defendant requires. During the defense of an individual who has been accused of a drug crime, defense attorneys must provide an environment that is supportive and free of judgment, so that the defendant can open up and share information with his attorney. This kind of trusting environment is key to any successful attorney-client relationship.

At the Law Office of JB Katz, PC, we are committed to helping our clients feel comfortable throughout their criminal defense proceedings. We want our clients to know what to expect in their cases procedurally, we want to fully educate them about all their legal options, and we want them to feel that they are in safe hands, so that they can weigh their choices effectively. If you have been accused of a crime, no matter who you go to for help, make sure that it is someone you feel you can trust wholeheartedly.


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