Defending against Colorado DUI charges

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Anyone who has been arrested on DUI charges will tell you that the process of getting arrested can be frightening, particularly for those who have never been taken into custody before. Even more frightening than being arrested, though, are the potential consequences associated with a DUI conviction. For some, those consequences are far worse than others.

Colorado residents who work in a public capacity — like as a police officer, a firefighter, a public official or a schoolteacher — might lose their job immediately following a DUI arrest. If they do not lose their job immediately following the arrest, though, they will likely lose it following a conviction. However, even for those who do not work in a public capacity, if the DUI conviction results in a license suspension, it could make one’s morning commute a lot more complicated. The social consequences of a DUI arrest can also serious when family members and friends judge an individual harshly for the behavior.

At the Law Offices of J.B. Katz, PC, we know that one DUI conviction might make or break an individual’s career. Getting one’s charges dropped or dismissed may not always be possible, but we have extensive experience representing those accused of DUI and defending them against conviction. If there is a strong chance of obtaining a verdict of not guilty in your case, we will be frank with you about your rights and the defense options available.

Most importantly, we do not charge potential new clients for their initial consultations. We are happy to listen to your story and let you know what your best next steps should be.


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