Mud-covered man arrested after allegedly invading 4 homes

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A man covered in mud was arrested in early May after he allegedly invaded four homes and hit a policeman with a chair. The incident happened in Colorado Springs. Police claim the man first invaded one home, and then invaded three other homes while they were pursuing him.

By the time authorities arrested him, the 49-year-old man was covered with mud. While police were pursuing him, the man allegedly broke into a home, where he confronted a young child, then he broke into an additional three homes while he was trying to hide from authorities. In the final home, one of the residents detained the man until police came to arrest him.

Inside one of the homes, the man was wielding a three-foot-long chainsaw and asking if he was in Kentucky. The 85-year-old homeowner told him that, no, he was in Colorado. The man eventually exited the residence, leaving the 85-year-old man without any injuries.

Once authorities finally caught up with him, they arrested the man — but not before he hit a policeman two times with a chair. Police have since charged the man with first-degree assault of a policeman, four counts of burglary and one attempt to escape.

The arrested man in this case clearly sounds like he may not have been of a sound mind — especially due to the fact that he thought he was in Kentucky when he was actually in Colorado. Sometimes, individuals can be defended in their criminal cases by asserting arguments to the effect that person was insane or not of sound mental faculties when the incident occurred. This could be a valid criminal defense in some cases — especially if the claims can be backed up by witness accounts and psychological testing.

Source: The Gazette, “Mud-soaked man arrested after four break-ins, Colorado Springs police say,” Kassondra Cloos, May. 06, 2015


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