Colorado man arrested for drug violations and motor vehicle theft

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A 31-year-old man has been taken into custody by authorities in southeastern Colorado Springs. Police have charged the man with drug crimes, in addition to motor vehicle theft. Allegedly, he tried to flee arrest before officers eventually tracked and apprehended him.

The arrest occurred while an officer was on his way to a different call. At approximately 11:50 a.m., a woman standing at a gas station signaled to the officer for help. The officer then noticed that a man was running away from a Jeep, which allegedly had been stolen from El Paso County.

More officers arrived on scene to help pursue the man, who fled on foot into a nearby neighborhood. Multiple officers descended upon the area to try and apprehend the man. He was found about a block away from the allegedly stolen Jeep. Police say that the man resisted arrest, so they tasered him.

As they were searching the man, authorities claim to have found a small baggy with a white powder inside it. Police suspected that the powder was a controlled substance, so they charged the man with drug-related crimes in addition to automotive theft. He was also charged relating to an outstanding arrest warrant.

This Colorado man will have to face these criminal charges in court. In spite of the severity of the charges that are currently being brought against him, though, he will not be considered guilty by the court until — and only if — he is proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt during his legal proceedings. If he is successful in his defense, he might be able to get certain charges dropped and/or dismissed if the evidence to support the charges is not particularly strong. He might also choose to negotiate a plea bargain agreement with the prosecution, which could be a strategy for reducing his criminal punishments if a conviction is inevitable.

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