The difficulty of being charged when you’re on vacation

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Breckinridge, Colorado, is one of those towns that absolutely swells during the tourism seasons. People come out to the mountains in the winter for the skiing and the snowboarding. They come out in the summer to go hiking, fishing and hunting. Some people have homes in other states, coming all the way from the east or west coasts just to spend a few weeks in this beautiful area.

That’s all well and good, but what happens if you are arrested and facing charges — even minor ones — while you’re on vacation? This can make everything way more complicated, and you could even be held in the Breckinridge area or asked to come back for your trial, no matter where you live.

Not only is this problematic, but it may not be financially possible. You may have saved all year to come to Colorado, and you don’t have the time or the money to come back. Even if you do have it, is that how you want to spend it?

For this reason, it’s good to know about all of your legal options, like the option to put in your plea via the postal system. Filing by mail can help you work through the case no matter where you are, simplifying everything. It doesn’t work in all cases, but it is definitely an option in some, and it illustrates how important it is to know every legal option you have.

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