After friend dies, man is arrested for having marijuana

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A man from Texas came to Colorado and purchased marijuana. Police are now saying that his intent was to take it back to Texas, where it is not legal, after making the legal purchase out of state. He’s been arrested on these charges while still in Colorado.

The whole thing came about in a very strange fashion, however. The man and a friend were at a motel close to Interstate 70. The man who was arrested seems to have spent the night in the hotel, but his friend apparently fell asleep that night while still sitting in the car. When his friend came out to get him in the morning, he couldn’t get him to wake up, so he flagged down a police officer.

The officers came to the scene and discovered that the second man wasn’t just sleeping; he’d died in the car. He was only 23 years old and no cause of death has yet been given. The police started investigating, and that took them to the hotel room.

In that room, they discovered a significant amount of marijuana, in bags, and a lot of cash. Police weighed the marijuana and found it to be around two pounds.

Since he had bought so much, after coming from out of state, and because he had all that money on him, police said the two were part of a conspiracy to transport it to Texas and distribute it.

As this case shows, it is still possible to be arrested for having marijuana in Colorado, under the right set of circumstances, and those who have been need to know their legal rights.

Source: CBS Denver, “Man Arrested On Drug Charges After Friend’s Death,” Aug. 12, 2015


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