Man accused of sex crimes claims allegations are lies

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When someone is accused of something as serious as sexually assaulting or hurting a child, it’s important to remember to look at all angles of the case. Is there a reason that the other party could be aiming to frame this person? Why would a child suddenly insist on something taking place that doesn’t make sense with the person’s history?

That’s the kind of information that you can put together to help your attorney make your case in court. If you’re accused of sex crimes with a child, protecting your innocence does require the other party to prove you did participate in such an act. However, it’s important for you to show why you couldn’t have.

An interesting case from Oct. 21 about a man who was working at a school district in Albuquerque has come up, and he’s now being accused of sexually abusing two boys. Because of the accusations and the failure of the school to complete a background check on him, the school has lost its superintendent — the man who didn’t complete the background check — and could lose this teacher as well.

According to the story, the man being accused had adopted a son who brought his grandson to his home. The grandfather then confronted the boy’s mother about his home life and the filthy conditions where he lived. The boy, 6, allegedly told his mother that he’d been sexually abused by his grandfather after the visit. However, the defense claims that the mother coaxed the child to lie. Why would she do that? According to the defense, she made him lie to keep her out of trouble with social services.

Source: CBS Denver, “Jury Deliberating Fate Of Former Albuquerque School Exec From Denver,” Associated Press, Oct. 21, 2015


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