Man pleads guilty to sex crime, may avoid prison

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A man in Colorado has been accused of and pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual conduct charges. The man also plead guilty to the invasion of privacy following a massage client’s claim that he assaulted her in 2014.

The man, a 31-year-old licensed massage therapist, has been charged with what could be a class-four felony. He faces up to two years in prison for that charge, but a judge on his case has said that he could have an alternative to prison. Instead of facing time behind bars, the man may be able to be monitored with the terms of probation along with a four-year deferred judgment.

With this agreement, if the terms are not violated, then the judgment will not be given until the terms of the agreement have ended successfully. However, if the man violates the agreement by committing new crimes or coming into contact with the victim, then he could face life in prison.

Is there enough evidence to put this man in prison? It’s been claimed that enough evidence has been collected to go to court. While the case had previously gone to trial, a legal technicality led to a mistrial. During that time, the man decided to enter a guilty plea, which, in this case has left a lesser penalty open to his use.

Sometimes, deciding to plead guilty can result in lower penalty options. If you’re working on deciding if you want to plead guilty or maintain your innocence, you may want to speak with your attorney about the potential for lesser penalties by taking the blame, particularly if you did commit the act in question.

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