Marijuana laws in Colorado have benefitted many

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Living in Colorado, you’re in a position where charges for the use of marijuana aren’t really possible any longer, unless you break the law while you’re intoxicated. Colorado is a leader in drug reform policy, allowing you to receive lesser penalties for drug use and to benefit from an established and comprehensive medical marijuana program.

While driving under the influence or marijuana can still result in fines and charges that you’ll need to fight with your attorney, marijuana legalization as a whole has reduced the number of people who have to deal with drug charges following marijuana usage.

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, legalizing the use of marijuana has reduced traffic fatalities by 3 percent, decreased property crime by 8.9 percent, and decreased violent crimes by another 2.2 percent.

On top of that, nearly $8 million has been raised to help discuss drugs with youth education programs and to prevent the use of drugs through drug prevention efforts that extend to other, more dangerous and illicit substances.

With over $40 million raised in taxes from the sale of marijuana in the state, marijuana legalization has also had economic benefits. Now, it’s possible to run a legal marijuana shop where the substance is sold, raising money, creating jobs, and increasing tax revenue across the board.

Drug use must not turn to abuse, but with careful consideration, Colorado has been a leader in implementing legal marijuana usage for both recreational and medical needs. This, in turn, has led to many positive outcomes, which can be added to your case if you need to fight against charges for using the drug.

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