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Colorado woman arrested and charged with abuse, drug charges

Posted on November 5, 2015

If you’re an individual who has been caught with drugs or guns in your home, then you know you’re in a position where you could face multiple charges. If a child is in your home, you could be accused of abuse or other things that may never have taken place. It’s your responsibility to talk to your attorney about how you can defend yourself and have your charges lessened or dropped, so you can prevent your reputation from being slandered.

If a child tells a police officer that a gun is in the home, they’re likely to investigate when other concerns are already present. In a case out of Colorado, a woman had a gun in her home and obliged when the police asked to come into her home and search her apartment. The 29-year-old woman reportedly had methamphetamine in the home, and it was in a position where it could have been accessed by the children. The news didn’t say if the police officers had a warrant at the time when they entered the home.

When the child told detectives about the gun, the woman reportedly told them where to find it and what it was. She also reported having a second gun in the home. The police allegedly found both and discovered that one of the two guns found had been reported stolen in Texas.

The police discovered drug paraphernalia, .380 caliber ammunition and a hypodermic needle, the report states. The woman has been arrested on several charges including the possession of a controlled substance while intending to distribute, child abuse and others.

Source: The Denver Channel, “Child tells police mom has gun; Woman arrested after drugs, guns found in apartment,” Deb Stanley, Oct. 24, 2015