Colorado Rockies player to have domestic violence case dismissed

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Being accused of domestic violence can be devastating to your life. Your employer may question keeping you on the job, and your friends and family may not trust you. Your reputation could be harmed irreparably. These kinds of charges can be difficult to live with, which is why starting your case with a strong defense is vital. If you can prevent your name from going to the media and keep your case quiet, you have a better chance of protecting yourself against outside influences.

When you’re accused of this kind of violence, your work could suffer. You may be suspended from your job, or you could face discipline on top of any penalties you face from the court. Even if you’re not given a penalty by the court, your job could still penalize you, which may be the case for this man.

Recently, a domestic violence case against Jose Reyes, a shortstop for the Colorado Rockies, was questioned, and now the prosecution is planning to dismiss his charges. According to the news, he was arrested in October for an alleged assault against his wife. However, his wife won’t come to Maui for the trial and reportedly would not speak to the prosecution.

The player had been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the case and an investigation by the league. At the moment, the case may not be going any further, but the man’s career could be in a different position. The league will be performing its own investigation into what happened, and that could still result in suspension or being let go from the team altogether.

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