What are some domestic violence statistics?

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If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, it’s important that you know enough about these crimes to defend yourself. Your defense may rely on your knowledge of the crimes that take place, and you may be able to work with your attorney to add statistics like these into your defense.

Did you know that once every nine seconds, a woman is assaulted or beaten in the United States? While most people who are assaulted are women, it’s important that your case is seen without a bias. It’s also possible that a man can be a victim of domestic violence, even if a woman tries to turn the story around to claim she’s the victim. In fact, one out of every four men have been victims of domestic violence in some form.

On top of that, one out of every seven men have been victims of severe physical violence, while one in five women have been. Stalking is another kind of domestic violence that you could be accused of, but it’s more uncommon. One in 18 men claim they have been stalked, while one in seven women report being stalked by an intimate partner.

In many cases of domestic violence, weapons are used. In truth, around 19 percent of cases involve a weapon of some kind, whether it’s a gun, bat, or other kind of weapon. Those who are affected by this kind of violence can reach out to obtain a protective order, so the other party can’t come to the home or be around them any longer for their own safety.

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