What are some facts about drunk driving?

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Drunk driving takes lives, and that’s why so many states are strict about stopping drivers who are intoxicated behind the wheel. Not all people who appear intoxicated are, so if you’ve been accused of drunk driving but can explain your actions, it’s important that your attorney helps you defend yourself from the moment of your arrest.

Why is drunk driving such a big deal?

There are some reasons why drunk driving is so dangerous. For instance, did you know that one person is killed in a drunk driving collision every 53 minutes? That adds up to around 9,878 people for the data set in 2011.

Will I lose my license for good after a drunk driving arrest?

One drunk driving stop shouldn’t result in you losing your license forever or result in severe damage to your record; everyone makes mistakes. It’s important to know that most cases of drunk driving are first-time offenses. It’s the other third that come from repeat offenders. These are people who put others at risk time and time again because of getting behind the wheel when they’re drunk.

Why are ignition interlock devices used in the vehicles owned by those arrested and convicted of drunk driving?

Ignition interlock devices aren’t always used, but they can be. Some drunk drivers are people who may not have licenses and are driving anyway. Because of this, many people who have been arrested for drunk driving will have ignition interlock devices installed into their vehicles. This device makes it impossible to drive if your blood alcohol concentration is over the legal limit.

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