The cough syrup that can land you in jail

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No matter where in Colorado you reside, you likely have stores near you that sell cough syrup or other cough and cold medications. In fact, you’ve probably taken this type of medicine at least several times over the course of your life. If you’re a parent, you may even have offered such medicines to your children in times of illness. Some cough syrup is available by prescription only; this kind is often used to treat very painful throat infections or viruses.

Surprisingly, such medication has led many people into trouble with the law. As with all prescription medicines, prescription cough syrup is only legally allowed to be consumed by the person for whom the prescription is written. If you give your medicine to someone else to use or you sell it on the street, police can charge you with a crime.

When cough syrup becomes an illegal drug

Nowadays, there are certain trends occurring among young people, as well as celebrities, involving prescription cough syrups and other cold medicines. If you participate in such behavior, you may expect to face serious legal trouble if a law enforcement agent suspects you are engaging in criminal activity. Following, is a list of ways to misuse cough syrups and other medicines, as well as other pertinent information:

  • Cough syrup sometimes contains codeine and promethazine. These are strong drugs that provide pain relief, as well as feelings of calmness and sedation. Some people mix soda and/or candy with such medicines to concoct a strong, high-producing illegal drug.
  • If you hope to avoid problems, you’ll want to make sure you take your prescription medication according to exact instructions on the label rather than adding other ingredients to create a new product.
  • Some decongestant medications contain ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine. This is another common misuse of cold and cough medicines.
  • If you’ve purchased an over-the-counter cold medication containing dextromethorphan, you should be aware of the potential dangers of skittling and other drug misuse involving dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant ingredient.

Regardless whether a particular drug is issued by prescription or offered over-the-counter, your chances of avoiding legal problems greatly increase if you’re careful to only use the drug as intended, according to directions. If you find yourself facing a drug-related situation where a police officer accuses you of a crime in connection with cough syrup or other types of medicine, you may feel less overwhelmed if you know where to turn for help.

A Colorado criminal defense attorney can answer your questions and counsel you as to how best to go about fighting drug charges in court. To help avoid conviction and get your life back on track, scheduling a meeting with an experienced attorney is typically a good idea.


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