You came to Breckenridge for the skiing — and marijuana

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Since Colorado changed its constitution back in 2014 to allow recreational use of marijuana within the state, many vacationers take the opportunity to partake in its use while they are here. For legal adults, this could be the opportunity to see “what all the fuss is about.”

For those who use marijuana medicinally, coming to Breckenridge is an opportunity to freely use it as well. In fact, Breckenridge has been ahead of the marijuana curve for decades now. Medical marijuana use began back in 1994, so when the constitutional change took effect on Jan. 1, 2014, the town’s four dispensaries were ready to go. Even though it’s not illegal, there are some caveats for visitors to the area.

The rules of purchase and use

Certain laws apply to the purchase of marijuana for recreational use.

  • The legal drinking age in Colorado is 21, and so is the legal age to purchase and use marijuana recreationally.
  • You may only purchase one ounce at a time from a dispensary.
  • You may only possess one ounce at a time.
  • You cannot take your purchase out-of-state.

You may not consume marijuana in public. This includes restaurants and bars, federal land, parks or streets. You may also need to know that using a fake ID remains illegal as it is for purchasing alcohol. Like liquor store, bar and restaurant employees, dispensary employees also know how to spot a fake ID.

The rules of the road

Make no mistake; you can face arrest for driving under the influence of marijuana. It slows reaction time and affects your ability to focus behind the wheel. You may want to be extra cautious of your ability to drive if you purchase edibles. These are candies, baked goods and other items with marijuana as an ingredient. You could easily end up impaired without realizing it. Breckenridge may be progressive, but safety remains a priority for everyone, so police enforce the laws.

The rules of the court

If you do find yourself facing charges for an offense related to your recreational marijuana use, take these charges as seriously as you would any other. The penalties you could face may curtail your freedom and interfere with your personal and professional lives.

You would more than likely benefit from contacting a criminal defense attorney to help you with your case. The fact that you don’t live in the area may complicate the process, and having a local advocate on your side could prove invaluable.


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