Did you have all bases covered until the identification request?

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You may be one of many young adults who attend college in Colorado. You may also be among those who were really glad when state laws changed to make marijuana legal in this state. You figured that since the law included medical and recreational use of the drug, you’d be able to purchase some or use it in a private setting with friends from time to time. You had read about the potential benefits and wanted to experiment.

Since the written amendment includes the term Tetrahydrocannabinol (often referred to as THC) you understood this to mean that not only is it legal to use the flower bud of the marijuana plant, but also topical forms, edible products, concentrates or seeds. So long as you adhered to all restrictions when you made your purchase and while using marijuana, there shouldn’t have been a problem. If, however, you did not possess a valid form of identification showing that you are age 21 or above, that’s another ballgame altogether.

State law facts regarding purchase of THC products

As an out-of-state resident attending school in Colorado, you are not necessarily barred from purchasing marijuana. The law does not indicate that you must first prove you are a permanent resident of the state in order to purchase the drug. However, it does list other restrictions and limits for potential buyers. The following list includes several purchasing requirements and other useful information that may apply to your situation:

  • There is no special registration system that you must navigate in order to ‘become’ a cannabis purchaser in this state.
  • With regard to recreational use, there are purchase limits. It’s crucial to remember that there’s a conversion between the various forms of cannabis. For instance, the law considers a single ounce flower bud equivalent to eight grams of concentrate. The same amount of bud equals 800 milligrams of edibles. If you want to avoid legal trouble regarding purchase limits, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the conversions ahead of time.
  • A key factor for legal purchase of cannabis is a requirement regarding the age of the buyer. You can’t simply walk into a dispensary and pick up some herb. You first need to show proof — usually in the form of government-issued identification — that you are age 21 or older.

This is where many young people are running into legal problems. First of all, the term ‘government-issued identification’ typically refers to passports or valid drivers’ licenses. You might not think it’s a really big deal to borrow another person’s identification or somehow alter your own to appear that you meet the age requirements if, in fact, you don’t; however, this type of misrepresentation can land you in a heap of legal trouble.

Colorado marijuana laws are some of the most lenient in the nation, but they are also complex. Since the amended laws took hold, police have made many arrests associated with suspected unlawful use or possession of cannabis. Some have been able to avoid convictions by immediately calling upon experienced defense attorneys to fight charges on their behalves.


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