Ex-mayor threatened son with gun while trying to drive drunk

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A man who used to be the mayor of Kiowa, Colorado, was recently sentenced after he pointed a firearm at his teenage son.

The man was reportedly drunk and planning to drive. His son stopped him, and that’s when he got out the gun and threatened him.

The former mayor is 45 years old. He faced charges for menacing and for being drunk with a firearm, which is a misdemeanor.

He was reportedly driving around at the mall with his son and a younger daughter. He drank both beer and wine throughout the day. His driving became dangerous and erratic, and that’s when the son called his mother.

The son was then able to keep his father from getting back in the car until his mother showed up and left with the daughter. She told the father that the son should be driving them home.

On the way back home, the father yelled at his son and leveled significant threats, including saying that he and his son should kill one another. During this, he pulled out a small handgun and aimed it at the boy, while they were sitting in the middle of the street, and then turned the car off.

The judge said that the man needed professional help for both alcohol use and mental health issues. He was given a four-year deferred judgment that mandates him to seek out assistance in both areas. He also has to do community service for a total of 24 hours, and is not allowed to have access to guns.

All those who are accused of domestic violence have a right to a fair trial and should be aware of their legal options.

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