8 tips for effective anger management

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Many domestic violence calls come in after a momentary lapse in judgment, often due to an emotional outburst. A discussion turns into an argument and then one person lashes out. They regret it forever, but it’s too late by then.

To help you avoid this situation entirely, here are eight anger management tips:

  1. Talk about the way that you feel after you have calmed down.
  2. Do not say or do anything impulsively, instead choosing to slow down and think it through first. Often, just a few seconds can make a huge different in what you choose to do.
  3. Call time out on the argument. It may not be resolved, but you can put it off until a better moment.
  4. Work out and get exercise. Go for a run. Lift weights. Use physical activity to burn off energy and emotion.
  5. Let grudges go. When an issue is over, it’s over. Don’t keep it in the back of your mind for months, just to bring it out later.
  6. Think about why you feel angry, not just the fact that you do. Considering the root cause can lead you to a viable solution.
  7. Try to reduce stress. Take time to relax. Change the way you live even when you’re by yourself.
  8. Break the tension before it builds too far. For example, humor often cuts through it and diffuses a situation. If you feel things getting worse, give it a try.

If you already find yourself facing domestic violence allegations, you need to understand all of your legal rights and defense options. The outcome can have a drastic impact on the rest of your life.

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