Police prepare for prom season drunk driving

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Prom season is here, and police departments in Colorado are getting ready. They know that prom often leads to parties, drink and driving. They’re paying extra attention to see if they can catch those who may drive under the influence, especially when they are underage.

One trooper said that prom did not just lead to drunk driving, but to an increase in distracted driving overall. Students are concentrating on having fun. Plus, young people as a group often struggle with distractions, so having so many of them on the road at the same time can be problematic.

Officers noted that some of the problems are just that students may not be informed and may not really understand the risk. Police have been going around with a simulator that shows people what it is like to drive under the influence, hoping to show them why they should not do it on prom night.

When asked, police claimed that at least one area student passes away in a car accident annually. They also said that all of these crashes are preventable. They will be watching the roads to see if it appears that students are under the influence.

Students who do get caught drinking and driving this year could face serious ramifications. They can get arrested and spend time behind bars. They can get fines and community service. They wind up with a criminal record, which can be even more serious if they were involved in accidents.

With college and a promising career on the line, students and their parents need to know all of their legal defense options to protect their future.

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