Does one type of alcohol get you more drunk than another?

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You did not have that many drinks, and you felt like you should still be well below the legal limit. However, the police gave you a breath test and said your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.09. You’re now facing DUI charges, and you do not understand how.

Then you start thinking about exactly what you drank. Does that make a difference? Does the type of alcohol factor in? If you had gin and tonics, would it make you more drunk than beer, for instance?

Possibly, but not because of the type of alcohol itself. All alcohol is the same. There are plenty of myths about alcohol hitting you in specific ways, but alcohol is not fundamentally different from one drink to the next.

What it is, though, is more concentrated in some types of beverages than others. For instance, that beer may just be 6 percent alcohol, while the gin could be 40 percent. So, if you drank the same amount of liquid in the same time, you’d be far more intoxicated from the gin. That’s why “hard” drinks are usually much smaller. Beer contains a lot of extra liquid with the alcohol.

Another thing to consider is the way you drink the alcohol. If you take a shot, that’s one entire drink, downed in a second. If you drink a beer, that’s also one entire drink, but it could take you 30 minutes to finish. That’s why people who do a number of shots tend to feel more drunk. They can simply consume more “drinks” in a shorter span of time.

As you face those DUI charges, make sure you know all of the legal defense options you have.

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