Man sentenced after deadly DUI accident

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A man from Colorado will avoid jail time after being involved in a deadly DUI accident.

The accident happened in 2017. He attempted to make a left turn, but he turned in front of another man on a motorcycle. The crash killed the motorcyclist. He was just 25 years old at the time.

According to reports, the man who was driving the car was both under the influence of alcohol and looking at his cellphone at the time of the wreck. Those distractions meant he did not see the motorcycle.

The family of the man who passed away said that the accident could have been avoided, though they acknowledged that the driver did not intentionally cause the wreck.

That driver was recently sentenced, and he will not have to spend time behind bars. Instead, he will go through five years of supervised probation. During that time, he has to do around 60 hours of community service every year — not exceeding that yearly limit — so that he does 300 hours in total. He has to keep a job or stay in school, he cannot drink alcohol, he cannot use marijuana or other drugs and he has to go through evaluations for mental health and substance abuse.

The young man did say that he felt terrible about what happened, and his family said that the grief consumed him after the crash. “He will never forgive himself, and he will never be the same,” his mother said in court.

Those who face DUI charges, especially after a serious accident, need to know all of the legal options that they have.

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