Do you need to turn over your guns under a protection order?

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If you are convicted of domestic violence and someone takes a protection order out against you, do you lose your right to possess firearms in Colorado? In addition to not being allowed to buy more firearms, do you have to turn in guns that you already own?

You do. This law has been on the books since 2013. If you are subject to a protection order, you lose your right to buy, own or possess firearms.

One option you have is to turn them in to the government. A law enforcement agency will store the weapons for you. You may also be able to store them with a licensed firearms dealer. This can be helpful if you think that you can clear your record and regain your rights.

Another option is to sell the firearms. You could sell them to a third party or to a dealer. You can also transfer them them to a third party or a dealer, as long as a background check — and/or proper licensing — has been obtained. So, you may be able to pick who you want to get the firearms, as long as they are no longer under your control.

If you are ordered to do this, you should know that you’re not alone. Reports show that, in roughly five years, around 45,000 men and women had to go through this same process.

It is very important for those facing domestic violence accusations to know how a conviction can impact their future. It is also crucial for them to understand all of their legal defense options.

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