Experts claim spanking children causes domestic violence

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Spanking children has long been a disciplinary tactic, although it is much more controversial today than it once was. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) tells parents never to do it, no matter the reason.

Why have they taken this stance? One reason is that researchers claim children who had to endure spankings when they were young are more likely to commit domestic violence when they grow up.

Now, some may argue that other kinds of abuse really led to the increased risk, and that the spanking was just incidental. Others may argue that socioeconomic factors influenced the child’s development into an adult more than spankings when he or she was young. However, the study looked at both of these factors and still found the same increase: Children who got spanked grew up to commit domestic violence at a greater rate than those who only got other types of discipline.

In addition, studies have found that spanking children can lead to more aggressive behavior when they get older, that it can decrease the amount of gray matter in their brains and that it can lead to mental illness.

As you can imagine, these findings are often controversial to those who embrace traditional forms of punishment, but they help shed some light on how the way a person is raised really does influence that person’s behavior in adulthood. It may cause them to do things decades later, even if they do not realize what the driving force really is.

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