Older individuals often linked to prescription drug crimes

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Elderly individuals often take prescription medications. In many cases, they are also on a fixed income. They may be retired, living off of savings, Social Security and the like.

Some reports have indicated that this combination can make it more likely that they will sell their medications illegally. It is a way to make some money on the side by getting rid of one asset they control.

In fact, one young man got arrested after selling pills for around two years. He wound up getting 12 years behind bars, and then he was willing to talk about his experience. He said that it was not hard to find people who wanted to buy the pills from him. His only trouble came in finding a way to get the pills himself.

To do it, he turned to the elderly. They already had an in since they had prescriptions. They could easily get medications he had no access to. Doctors did not ask questions. Real medical conditions opened those doors.

After that, they just had to decide if they wanted another source of income. One expert said that many people could get around $20 for each pill. That was a tempting amount for those on a fixed income, especially if they could sell large amounts or sell consistently.

Experts also noted that many people do not have a problem with sharing medications or selling them. It could be that they do not even realize that what they are doing is illegal.

All those who face drug charges need to make sure they know what legal options they have.


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