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Things to know regarding criminal defense options in Colorado

Posted on June 10, 2018

When you first learned you’d be facing criminal charges in Colorado, you may have worried what the ultimate outcome of your situation would be. Depending on the circumstances, you may have a lot at stake. Perhaps jail time is a potential consequence if a judge hands down a conviction. It’s only natural you’d be stressed and wonder what you might be able to say or do to avoid the worst.

How well you know your rights, as well as what types of resources are available to help you protect them, impacts not only the final outcome of your situation but the entire adjudication process. There may be criminal defense strategies that can tip the scales in your favor. It’s always a good idea to seek support from someone with criminal justice experience to help determine a best course of action when heading to court.

Do you have an alibi?

You may be 100 percent certain that you are not guilty of the charges prosecutors have levied against you. In fact, you may have been in another location at the time they say you committed a crime. If you can back up your alibi with evidence, you can pull the rug out from underneath the prosecution’s case.

Can you explain your involvement?

Maybe you were at the scene of a crime. Let’s say there was a fight and you were merely defending yourself against an attack. When all was said and done, someone filed assault charges against you. You may choose to present a defense that shows you were involved in the altercation but have evidence to prove you were acting in self-defense.

Do you want to confess to an attorney?

Everyone makes poor choices in life sometimes. You may have gotten involved in a situation that you later regretted or simply want to admit that you did certain things that were against the law. Maybe you think that coming forward in a confidential setting will somehow help in the long run to mitigate your circumstances.

Build a strong defense

Whether police accused you of possessing medication for which you didn’t have a prescription or obtaining marijuana with a fake ID, like all other criminal defendants, the law guarantees your right to due process. Facing charges doesn’t necessarily mean the court will find you guilty.

It can be quite challenging to figure out which defense strategy is best. What works for one defendant may not even be a viable option for another. This is why most Colorado defendants seek experienced guidance rather than go it alone in court.