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Types of drug charges and appropriate defense strategies

Posted on June 26, 2018

Colorado laws and federal laws take a strong stand against the use of illegal drugs or the improper use of prescription medications. If you are facing drug charges of any kind, you would be wise to take steps to understand the charges against you and the specific defense strategies you could employ for your benefit.

There are several types of drug charges, and the severity of the charges you are facing depends on the details of your specific case, the types of drugs involved with your case and other factors. Defense strategies should be tailored to your individual needs and legal objectives.

What types of charges are you facing?

One of the first steps in building the appropriate defense for your individual situation is to understand the specific charges against you, whether they are state or federal charges, and what they could mean for your future. Some of the most common types of drug charges include:

  • Drug possession charges: Possession of illegal drugs is against both state and federal laws. The severity of the possession charge typically depends on the amount found at the time of arrest.
  • Drug paraphernalia charges: It is illegal to possess certain types of equipment used in the preparation, consumption or concealment of illegal drugs.
  • Drug trafficking charges: These are felony charges, and they happen when a person attempts to import, sell or transport illegal drugs for others to purchase.
  • Drug manufacturing charges: If involved with any step of the drug manufacturing process, you could face criminal charges. Delivering illegal drugs is against state and federal laws.

Defending yourself against these charges can start as soon as possible after an arrest. You have the right to challenge the prosecution’s case against you and present evidence for the benefit of your own defense. You do not have to face these serious charges alone.

Protecting your future

Drug charges, even seemingly minor misdemeanor charges, can have a significant impact on your life if convicted. It is smart not to underestimate the nature of your case but to take immediate steps to build the right defense for your unique situation.

It is also beneficial to remember that a conviction is never your only option. With a strong, thoughtfully prepared defense strategy, you can effectively confront the charges against you, possibly avoiding a conviction or mitigating the consequences you are facing. A complete evaluation of your case can help you understand the options available to you.