You can face DUI charges on a motorized scooter

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The Lime scooters all over Denver right now have raised a very important question that all Colorado residents need to consider: Can you get a DUI on a scooter?

You absolutely can if it is one of the Lime scooters, which are motorized, or a similar vehicle.

They’re an easy, cheap new means of transportation. It costs only a dollar to start using one, with 15 cents added on for every minute after that. If you just have a few blocks to go and you do not want to walk or wait for a cab, they’re a quick way to get around.

That’s often why they appeal to people who are hopping from bar to bar. But be wary of looking at them as a way to avoid drunk driving. You can definitely get a DUI on a scooter, just like you can in your car. To avoid charges, you need to avoid driving anything with a motor, no matter the size.

You may be surprised by this, especially since you are not legally allowed to use the scooters in the road anyway. You can’t even go in the bike lane. You have to stay on the sidewalk. That’s why some people assume they cannot get a DUI, but they can.

Again, this is not just for Denver. No matter where you are, if you’re using any vehicle instead of walking after you have been drinking, there is the potential for a DUI arrest.

If you do get arrested after making an honest mistake while believing you were following the drunk driving laws, make sure you know all of the legal defense options you have.

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