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Alcohol can cause marital problems, legal problems or both

Posted on July 28, 2018

Are you an occasional social drinker? Perhaps you enjoy having a nice cold beer or glass of wine when you meet up with friends for a game of cards or to go to a sporting event in your town. Then again, maybe you consume alcohol several times a week as part of your usual routine whether you’re at home or out on the town. If you’re age 21 or beyond, Colorado law allows you to do that, provided you are not under restriction because of a criminal sentence.

You might also be one of many people in this state and others who are currently struggling with alcohol addiction. If so, there are many support resources available to help you overcome your substance abuse problem, although it’s up to you to reach out for help. No matter which of the descriptions here best fit your situation, studies show that, not only can alcohol lead to legal problems, it can wreak havoc on a marriage as well.

Infidelity often linked to alcohol

Like most married people in Colorado, you and your spouse likely face your share of challenges in your relationship. There is much evidence to suggest that misuse of alcohol often leads to infidelity. The following list explains why:

  • Intoxicated people tend to exhibit high-risk behaviors in which they would normally never participate.
  • Even if you think cheating on your spouse is wrong, you may not feel inhibited under the influence of alcohol.
  • People often lose their ability to make sound decisions if they’re drunk.
  • You may agree that drinking helps you lower your anxiety level; however, feeling too relaxed often leads to people gaining a false sense of security. You may not worry about someone catching you, or even about your spouse’s feelings, if you are acting under the influence of alcohol.
  • If you have been having problems in your marriage for some time, your emotions may fly to the surface when you’re drunk, especially those that are negative toward your spouse.

Your spouse may also lose his or her patience if your drinking habits are often the source of legal problems, such as if a Colorado police officer takes you into custody for suspected drunk driving. On a positive note, there are strong support systems, not only to help you beat addiction but also to try to help you mitigate your circumstances if you face DUI charges in court.