Can you get arrested if your spouse is a criminal?

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People do not always know the individuals they marry quite as well as they think they do. What if your spouse turns out to be a career criminal? If the law catches up with your spouse, could you also get arrested?

There are cases where this has happened, especially if the other spouse was involved in the criminal activity some way.

For instance, one woman married a man who worked in construction. He started a new company supposedly to do security and construction site cleaning. He claimed that he wanted minority status for the company, so he had his wife put her name on the checks and cash them. This meant that a woman was involved with the new business. She did as he asked.

It turned out that the man was using the company to embezzle $2 million without doing any work. Because the wife had signed the checks, she was arrested because the police suspected she knew what was going on. Technically speaking, she had transferred money for an illegal company.

The woman wound up taking a plea deal, even though she insisted that she did not know what her husband had been doing. She was charged with a felony. She had to go to jail for four months. Her husband went away for years for his crimes.

This is just one example, and all situations are different. However, stories like this one show how you can get arrested based on someone else’s actions. If this happens, make sure that you know all of your legal defense options.


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