Man gets DUI charges after accident on ‘expert-only’ road

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A man from Colorado is now facing DUI charges after he was involved in an accident out on Black Bear Pass. That road, which stretches from Silverton to Telluride, is a dangerous mountain road that has a lot of steep edges and narrow areas. It is considered a high-clearance road for four-wheel drive vehicles and expert drivers.

The man was behind the wheel of a red Nissan Xterra, which is an SUV. He is 28 years old. According to witnesses who saw the accident and later talked to the police, he was driving recklessly, even on such a high-risk stretch of road.

According to reports, a family of four had brought their Jeep Wrangler up the one-way road and stopped on the side to eat lunch. The Xterra came up behind them and sailed over a hill. It slammed into the Wrangler hard enough to knock the Xterra’s front bumper off.

Nevertheless, the man kept on going for about 40 yards. That’s when the Xterra slammed into some boulders and stopped, as the airbags deployed. One police officer said, “It was just a very scary scene.”

The pass is so remote that helicopters had to bring injured people to the hospital.

Some witnesses did claim that the man in the Xterra had been honking his horn as he drove down the road, immediately prior to the crash. Police said they’re checking to see if there may have been some sort of malfunction or mechanical issue that caused the SUV to go out of control.

Getting a DUI on your record can lead to stiff penalties. It is very important to know all of your legal defense options.


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