Man gets probation and work-release after DUI accident

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Back in December, a man in Colorado was arrested after reportedly driving drunk and hitting a cyclist. Reports show that he apparently drove away from the accident scene. He is 42 years old.

It took until now for that man’s sentence to be handed down, and it is a great example of how many options you may have if you face arrest.

The man got a one-year sentence to be served in the Boulder County Jail, but it is a suspended sentence. To keep it that way, he has to do community service for 200 hours. He also has to do a work-release program for nine months. On top of that, he will be on probation for the next three years.

Per the Colorado State Patrol, the man was simply trying to pass the cyclist when the accident occurred. The cyclist, at the same time, was trying to turn left. The two collided. The cyclist was thrown from the bike, but appears to have landed in grass, rather than on the pavement.

Police found the driver when they identified his truck later on in the morning. He faced numerous charges, and he wound up entering a guilty plea for reckless vehicular assault and driving under the influence, resulting in his current sentence.

This case illustrates how, even if you plead guilty, you may have far more options than you think. Things like probation and community service can, in some cases, help to reduce jail time. If you are facing charges, it is very important for you to understand all of your legal options during the case.


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