Colorado man faces domestic violence charges after car collision

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Relationships are difficult, whether people choose to enter them to create a family or they are born into them by family. Most people can settle disputes and vent frustration without the use of force, but members of families can be guilty of abusing each other.

Research shows that people, especially women and children, are between 15 percent and 30 percent more likely to suffer injury or loss due to domestic violence than crimes perpetrated by strangers. Since assaults by household members are less likely to be reported, it is also more likely that victims of domestic violence and abuse will face it again.

Many municipal police departments have specific divisions that investigate domestic violence. Colorado Springs, for example, was the scene of a recent alleged assault when a woman reported being run over by a car driven by her estranged husband. The city’s domestic violence unit is assisting police investigators with the case.

Officers responded to a call about a domestic disturbance in a residential neighborhood in the late afternoon on a recent day. The apparent victim was transported to a local hospital, while the driver of the vehicle was taken into custody by Colorado Springs police officers. The woman is expected to survive her injuries, and the driver is expected to face domestic violence charges as well as vehicular assault charges.

People accused of domestic violence charges deserve to have their side of the story heard in court. Legal representation may help the accused fight or mitigate criminal and civil charges related to domestic abuse. An attorney may help resolve disputes between family members that have landed in court by way of problems at home.


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