Criminal mischief charges often result in severe penalties

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If you are like most Colorado citizens, you may think charges of criminal mischief do not warrant much apprehension. In some cases, such charges may be relatively minor, but other times, they could be classified as felonies. As you may know, all felony charges are very serious and require immediate action to protect one’s freedom, lifestyle and reputation.

Charges of criminal mischief typically center on the destruction of property. While they usually involve juveniles, adults can incur criminal mischief charges as well. What makes these charges felonies or misdemeanors depends upon the value of the damaged or destroyed property.

For example, even if the value of the damaged property only totals $1,000, alleged offenders will incur felony charges. The penalties for the destruction of property valued at between $1,000 and $5,000 is $5,000 in fines and up to 1.5 years of prison time. As you might expect, the penalties increase dramatically as the value of the damaged property rises.

The reason we chose to discuss criminal mischief charges is to make our neighbors in the Summit County region aware of the need for a strong defense. What may begin as a minor misdemeanor arrest could quickly escalate into felony charges as the value of the involved property is tallied. Pursuing legal assistance equips defendants with the right tools and resources to fight against such charges, thereby lessening the risk of incurring life-changing penalties if a conviction occurs.

This is important in all age groups, but if you have a minor child who is suddenly facing criminal mischief charges, building a solid defense could save your child’s future. You can find in-depth information about many types of felonies by exploring our firm’s website.


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