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Mental, physical and legal problems associated with alcohol

Posted on September 8, 2018

Just because you enjoy getting together with friends in Colorado and imbibing alcohol, it doesn’t necessarily mean it creates a problem in your life. People can often control their use of alcohol without suffering negative repercussions. However, if you are currently facing a life problem related to alcohol, you are not alone in your suffering.

There are numerous physical, mental and legal problems connected with alcohol use throughout the nation. The more you know about the possible dangers ahead of time, the less likely you may be to abuse this substance. In fact, understanding that it is, in fact, an addictive substance may help you avoid trouble.

Things you should know

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recently surveyed people regarding their drinking lifestyles. Nearly 24 percent of those who said they had consumed alcohol in the previous month also acknowledged that they had participated in binge drinking. If you would be one of the 56 percent of survey-takers who are age 18 and older who have consumed alcohol in the past month, you’ll want to pay close attention to the following facts:

  • When you drink copious amounts of alcohol, your liver may not be able to safely metabolize the alcohol in your system.
  • All types of alcoholic beverages contain roughly the same amounts of ethanol, which is the intoxicating ingredient in alcohol.
  • Drinks served in public venues are often larger in volume than a standard-sized beverage. In fact, a single mixed drink may be triple the size and, therefore, contain triple the amount of alcohol than an average single serving would.
  • Alcohol can permanently alter your brain.
  • Scientists believe there is a genetic component associated with alcoholism. Abuse and addiction are different issues.
  • You might get carried away and drink too much at a party, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are an alcoholic.
  • An isolated episode of binge drinking can prove fatal.

These are not the only problems associated with alcohol abuse and addiction. Fortunately, many local programs exist to which you can turn for support if you or one of your loved ones is facing life problems related to alcohol.

When a life problem is also a legal problem

Even if you’re not addicted to alcohol, a momentary lapse of judgment can land you in trouble with the law. If a Colorado police officer takes you into custody because of an alcohol-related incident, you’ll want to know how to protect your rights and which courses of action might have the best chances of helping you mitigate your circumstances.