Rethink your casual approach to Colorado drug charges

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With the criminal focus largely removed from marijuana, many residents do not take drug charges seriously. However, there are plenty of reasons to take a serious approach to all drug charges, even those involving marijuana. Just because a state within America has chosen to allow the use and possession of a substance does not mean the danger of a drug conviction simply disappears.

We have seen some disturbing trends since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use. Too many of our neighbors remain uninformed about the use of cannabis, which puts them at risk of a conviction. These individuals do not understand how important it is to talk with a defense attorney upon arrest, which leaves them unprotected and vulnerable to conviction.

One of the most important things to remember is that federal law still regards the possession and sale of cannabis as a criminal offense. While federal authorities do allow the state to police itself in regards to cannabis, a conviction may still occur, especially in cases involving the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of marijuana.

Another worrisome trend we have seen is that many residents now believe they can escape prosecution for drug charges that do not involve marijuana. We want to let all of our neighbors in the state know that prosecutors still seek convictions on all other drug charges in a very aggressive manner. This includes:

  • Charges involving the misuse of prescription drugs
  • The possession, use and sale of cocaine and heroin
  • Offenses involving ecstasy and methamphetamine

Our main takeaway is this: Regardless of what drug charges you are facing, your freedom is never promised. Take steps immediately to protect yourself from conviction while building a strong criminal defense. Learn more about the current drug laws and the consequences of conviction by visiting our website.


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