Colorado launches anti-impaired driving campaign

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The state of Colorado and a number of state agencies have launched a campaign to highlight the dangers of drugged driving.

An average of more than 60 people each day are arrested in Colorado on impaired driving charges, the Colorado Department of Transportation (DOT) reported.

In Colorado, a drunk driving charge applies to more than alcohol consumption. A driver can violate Colorado’s DUI law by being under the influence of everything from prescription drugs to illegal drugs to over-the-counter drugs as well, according to the Colorado DOT.

The new state campaign is called “If You Feel Different, You Drive Different,” and its goal is to remind drivers that if they are under the influence of any substance that leads to impairment, they must hand over the keys to a driver who isn’t impaired.

There’s good reason for the campaign, too. In 2017, drivers in Colorado fatal crashes tested positive for drugs on 244 occasions. The drugs included active THC, narcotics, depressants and stimulants, according to the DOT.

In Colorado, 20 percent of people who use cannabis said they have driven after doing so, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

“We launched this new public education campaign to make sure everyone knows that driving under the influence of drugs impairs your ability to assess whether you are okay to drive,” said Heidi King, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) deputy administrator. “We’re reminding all drivers that ‘If you feel different, you drive different.’ Drive high, get a DUI.”

Drunk driving – or any manner of impaired driving – is a serious crime with potentially serious penalties. If you have been arrested on DUI charges, a Colorado attorney who works with such cases can assist you.


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