Get informed to avoid violating a protective order

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Unfortunately, domestic violence is a problem in many Colorado cities. However, there are times when accusations of domestic violence are completely false, even though the alleged offender is served with a protective order.

As defense attorneys, we know how unfounded domestic violence allegations combined with protective orders can be a recipe for disaster. Alleged offenders typically feel a deep need to defend themselves against the accusations.

They may also feel tempted to confront their accusers in an effort to resolve the matter. Succumbing to these feelings by violating a protective order is a terrible mistake and may worsen the entire situation.

Initially, the best way to deal with a protective order is full compliance. This means that you must take proactive steps to avoid violating the order.

Since most orders of protection contain details about prohibited behavior, it is not too difficult to know what you can and cannot do after you receive the order. A legal professional can help you understand the order against you while also advocating for and protecting your rights.

Some of the basic requirements of protective orders can include the following.

  • Not contacting the accuser in any way (phone calls, email, texts, etc)
  • Not showing up at the accuser’s home, work, school, etc
  • Enrolling in any counseling service required by the protective order
  • Moving out of the alleged victim’s home

In the end, it is much better to obey a restraining order even if you are innocent of domestic violence allegations. It is also wise to learn as much as possible about Colorado protective orders so that you do not accidentally violate its terms. Our website contains additional information for you to review.


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